PAT Testing North East

Newcastle upon Tyne – Sunderland – Durham

“My name is Richard; I do business networking and somethinRichard Ayre - Director of DRA PAT Testingg I say at those meetings always surprises the other people… you won’t need PAT Testing done every year”.

“Most of the people I come across at these events run businesses from an office, and their office computers get inspected and tested every year by their PAT testers, or they did, until now. I explain to them that they don’t need their equipment testing annually, and I don’t need to do a risk assessment to know that. How do I know that? Because they’re in an office business;  a low risk business, where their computers never leave the desk for years so the chances of them getting damaged, and thus developing a safety fault are so low, the risk is low, and so there is no need for annual checks”.

“I’ll explain more when we meet, but if your business is mostly computers and other IT equipment, and you’re getting PAT tested every year, then we need to have a chat.”

Appropriate PAT Testing Frequencies

For everyone else, we assess the risks of your workplace and recommend appropriate intervals between inspections, which you can then put into a risk assessment to put in place how often portable appliances need testing.

We go the extra mile to confirm equipment is safe

In addition to doing that we also check your sockets; whilst we’re checking the plugs, to see if they’re damaged, and if they are we’ll tell you – for FREE; you’d be surprised how many PAT companies charge you for that.

Furthermore, we can offer thermal image surveys, so we can find dangerous hotspots on your servers, without ever having to switch them off, keeping your business working all the time; rather than making you switch them off, disrupting the company, or worse still, doing a pointless visual inspection that incorporates little more than putting a sticker on each lead or part.

Do you have microwaves at work? Either for customers, or staff – how do you know they function correctly? You may be risking undercooked food, leading to food poisoning and time off sick which effects production – we’re one of the few companies that do full checks on the temperature rise of the oven to make sure it’s operating at the power it says it should be, and then we do a check to make sure no excessive micro-waves a leaking from the door seals.

Finally we are more than just a PAT testing company; we can test fixed as well as portable appliances, and we also do fixed wiring installation tests; periodic inspection reports.

Whatever service you need, contact us and we’ll help. I’ll happily visit you to discuss your needs and see what we can do to help.

Your business, its safety, and the safety of people who use your appliances is very important to us.

We’re based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and cover the whole of the North East.