PAT Testing North East – Newcastle & Durham

PAT Testing for businesses across the North East of England – Specialist PAT testers based in Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham.

We have extensive knowledge, and more than 40 years combined experience making us the best PAT Testers for your needs; our skills and business acumen make us your best choice to ensure that your workplace:

  • Complies with the Electricity at Work Regulations
  • By making sure electrical equipment is safe,
  • And removing any appliances that aren’t,
  • On a regular basis dependent on the risks in your workplace…
  • At a sensible price

In order to comply with regulations you need to make sure workers and other users are safe from faulty electrical equipment in the workplace.

  • The process of appliance inspection and testing checks electrical equipment to see whether it is safe
  • The skills and knowledge of the PAT tester can fix problems, or deem them too big a risk
  • Using PAT Testing North East you are assured that what we say is safe; IS.

We will manage re-test frequencies for you; so you can be sure you’re getting the right service and not paying over the odds – why get PAT tested every year if it is not necessary.

Most equipment doesn’t need PAT Testing annually

Unlike most appliance testing companies we can offer a full range of services to ensure your equipment is checked fully including thermal image surveys on servers that can’t be powered down, and microwave oven testing to make sure the right temperatures are being reached to prevent food poisoning risks.

We also provide electrical readings with all results that we provide.